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Engineering Studies embodies the Lafayette ideal of integrating engineering and the liberal arts.

Students with this interdisciplinary bachelor of arts degree are bridge builders between communities, translators across sectors, and future managers and leaders who understand engineering as a liberal art. Toward those ends, the program provides students with a technical background in engineering fundamentals paired with substantial coursework in humanities, social science, and the natural sciences that graduates often use for careers inside and beyond technical professions. Engineering Studies students develop expertise in navigating the complex cultural, political, economic, environmental, and technical dimensions of engineering and technologies. The curriculum encourages big-picture systems thinking combined with a sociotechnical perspective that teaches students to see problems through a multi-faceted lens as varied as their personal interests, from economics and finance to art, architecture, sustainability, and more.

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The programs are grounded in Lafayette’s traditional strength in discipline-specific engineering and complemented by the College’s excellence in the liberal arts.

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