Beyond the Major

Engineering Studies courses appeal to students from all majors who are interested in how science and engineering affect society and vice versa. The program offers a wide range of courses related to these themes and open to all students, including:

EGRS 152 (Power! Energy Technologies in Context)
EGRS 191 (Engineering in a Global and Societal Context)
EGRS 251 (Introduction to Engineering and Public Policy)
EGRS 261 (Engineering Economics and Management)
EGRS 270 (Designing London)
EGRS 271 (Introduction to Architectural Engineering)
EGRS 273 (Architecture Theory and Practice)
EGRS 274 (Planning the Built Environment)
EGRS 281 (Historical Studies in Engineering and Society)
EGRS 352 (Energy Technology and the Modern World)
EGRS 365 (Building the High-Tech Start-Up)
EGRS 370/371 (Special Topics)
EGRS 373 (Technology and Nature)
EGRS 390/391 (Independent Study)
EGRS 450 (Engineering Management)
EGRS 451 (Seminar on Engineering and Society)
EGRS 480 (Sustainable Solutions)
EGRS 482 (Engineering Studies Internship)
EGRS 495/496 (Thesis)