Business is global, companies expect employees to fill multiple roles, and the age of the specialist is rapidly coming to an end. The increasing demand for professionals with interdisciplinary skills calls for innovation in undergraduate education, a fusion of engineering and the liberal arts that gives students new problem-solving tools.

Engineering studies empowers students to meet society’s current and emerging complex, multi-disciplinary challenges.

The distinctive bachelor of arts in engineering program is a liberal arts degree integrated with an engineering foundation. This is the degree for students who want to be educated for a 21st technological century but want a broader background than traditional undergraduate engineering programs provide.

The minor in architectural studies, offered with the Art Department, gives students a solid grounding in the liberal arts and the tools they need to succeed in graduate architecture programs.

Students in non-engineering majors find linkages to their own fields in courses that bridge engineering and other disciplines, addressing contemporary issues in public policy, economics, energy, systems analysis, environmental management, and other areas.