This sample schedule reflects choices that are suitable for students who may be double majoring in economics or choosing an economics or finance concentration along with their EGRS degree. Many of our students find their path with a goal of working in construction or project management industries. This sample curriculum for Econ/EGRS double majors also suits that choice.

First Year

Fall Spring
ES 101 Introduction to  Engineering

First Year Seminar

MATH 161 Calculus I

CHEM 107 General Chemistry I

ECON 101 Principles of Economics

MATH 162 Calculus II

Phys 131 Physics I: Mechanics

ES 226 Statics


Fall Spring
EGRS 251 Intro to Engineering & Public Policy

MATH 263 Calculus III

ES 230 Strength of Materials

ECON 251 Intermediate Economics

EGRS 261 Engineering Economics and Management

MATH 286 Intro to Probability and Mathematical Statistics

200-level engineering elective

PSYC 331  Human Factors and Engineering Psychology (as a preferred Natural Science elective), or Social Sciences, Humanities, or language elective


Fall Spring
EGRS 365 Building the High-Tech Start-Up

Math/Natural Science elective

A&S 102 Cultural Anthropology (as a preferred Social Sciences elective), or Natural Sciences, Humanities, or language elective

ECON 252 Intermediate Macroeconomics

300/400-level engineering elective

Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Humanities, or language elective

Econ requirement

Econ requirement


Fall Spring
EGRS 451 Seminar on Engineering and Society

Econ requirement

Econ requirement

Free elective

EGRS 480 Sustainable Solutions

Econ capstone

Econ requirement

Free elective